5. January 2016

Interim Management

In response to the expressed demand during our seminars we now offer »Interim Management«, starting spring 2016. With this service you hold the solution in bridging personnel shortages within the management circle or with...[more]

4. March 2015

Train The Trainer with CultTec

Starting in April 2015 we offer customized education and hands on training for your trainers to improve effective support for further development and successful expansion of your training department. Professionals as well as...[more]

12. December 2014

CultTec in Public Sector

After further successful expansion of our activities in various sectors of the economy, our expertise in human factors- and leadership training finds great interest in the public sector as well. CultTec provides lectures for the...[more]

8. June 2014

CultTec in Publications

A contribution of CultTec, in the field of foreign languages, can be found in the german publications "Testtraining Polizei und Feuerwehr" and "Testtraining Höherer Dienst" of the well known and successful...[more]

6. February 2014

What are "Human Factors"?

Human Factors Training, one of the CultTec main topics, was initially implemented in the aviation industry. Official analyses of disturbances and incidents during flight performance revealed that the human factors caused 73% of...[more]

6. February 2014

New Training Location in Frankfurt, Germany

Starting spring 2014 CultTec offers - in addition to the already established inhouse-seminars - an exceptional training experience in Frankfurt, Germany. Participants train professionally, focused and yet relaxed at the new...[more]

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